Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3 Best Mass Building Exercises to Add 5-10 Pounds of Muscle Per Month

But before I go in the details,I want you to make sure that you understand few principles of muscle mass building. In order to build up huge muscle mass naturally, in addition to intense weight training, you need to focus on proper nutrition plan and enough rest. Once you have all these factors in one place, it's time to focus on these 5 best mass building exercises.You can learn more about dieting from my free eBook that can be found from my blog.

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1) Heavy Deadlifts - Deadlift is the most efficient exercise that recruits the largest amount of muscle in your body from legs to upper traps. This will not only save your time at the gym, and you will also be able to achieve a greater stimulation in your muscles, because they work together supporting each other. Use different variations, such as partial deadlifts that allows you to use heavier weights and at the same time focusing more on your upper body.

Start by doing 2-3 sets of light warm up's for 8 to 12 reps and then gradually increse weight. In the last set, go for 3 - 4 reps. Do not perform heavy deadlifts more than once a week. Always use weight belt and wrist straps to ensure the safety

2) Breathing Squats - This is so far the most demanding and exhausting mass building exercise of all time. It is called a heavy breathing squats or 20 rep squats. The idea behind the the breathing squat is to stress every single muscle, even your calfs, by doing 20 reps of squats, yes, 20 reps. And I don't mean any kind of half squats, but full "ass to the grass" squats!

Choose the weight that you can perform just and just 15 reps in a pure form. In the rest 5 reps, you will feel dizzy and light headed. The rest between reps is going to increase.The spotter behind you will help you with the last two reps. NOW, do another set total of 2 sets per each session. Repeat once a week. Add 5-10 lbs in every workout.

3) Weighted Dips - Another muscle mass building exercise that is a must if you want to add pounds to your upper body! In this exercise shoulders, triceps and chest will remain contracted throughout the movement. Once you can complete at least 10 reps with your own bodyweight, you can increase the intensity by using a weight belt where you can attach weight plates.

To stress the chest and triceps alternately, start from an upright position, lower yourself down until your arms creates an 90 angle at your elbows, then push yourself back to the starting position, then do another rep by lowering yourself again but now, lean a bit forward to get your chest fully strechted. Repeat total of 10 reps, where 5 for triceps and 5 for chest and shoulders.

In the above you just learned my 3 best mass building exercises and techniques for developing a bigger body in the short period of time! Perform each exercise once a week in a separate days! You can expect 5-10lbs of muscle gains within the first month!

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